Day 47 – Perspective (2)

April 18, 2013  (Day 47)

To further illustrate yesterday’s point about how much more interesting photographs are from different perspectives, today’s photo was shot while laying on the railroad tracks somewhere in the mountains of [Read More]


Day 46 – Change the Perspective

April 17, 2013  (Day 46)

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned prior to this, but I should have. Many times. Perspective One thing I’m learning that makes for much more interesting, compelling photos is to shoot from [Read More]


Day 45 – Allergies, Oh My!

April 16, 2013  (Day 45)

I took a series of photos of a pond behind Gina’s townhouse in Raleigh… The pollen on the surface of the water was amazing. Totally explains why I was hacking, [Read More]


Day 43 – Sundial

April 14, 2013  (Day 43)

I’ve found that there are sometimes days where you just don’t have time to post a photo. Usually because I’m traveling or swamped with Gigabark (www.gigabark.com) work. So the photo [Read More]


Day 42 – Pontoon Bridge (Curacao 5)

April 13, 2013  (Day 42)

This photo was taken in Willemstadt on its famous pontoon bridge (so that big ships can get from the internal part of the island out to sea). The photo is okay, [Read More]


Day 40 – Dominos (Curacao 3)

April 11, 2013  (Day 40)

A bunch of locals were enraptured in a game of Dominos, and it drew my attention. Who would have thought it would have been exciting to watch Dominos? The player [Read More]


Day 39 – Portrait (Curacao 2)

April 10, 2013  (Day 39)

In Willemstadt, near the pontoon bridge, Christy sat down on a bench and I snagged this picture. The color palette between her shirt, the bench, and the blue tile wall [Read More]