Fall 006

Day 249 – Adml Dupont & Rockford Tower

November 6, 2013  (Day 249)

Wilmington’s Rockford Park with it’s statue of Admiral Samuel F DuPont, originally located in DuPont Circle in DC, and Rockford Lookout Tower in the background.

Fall Wilmo 134

Day 244 – Autumn Sans Clarity

November 1, 2013  (Day 244)

One technique I’ve been using, particularly with portraits, has been to mask together two RAW files which are slightly different versions of the same file… usually adjusting sliders to remove [Read More]

RoadWorkers 001sm

Day 228 – Road Crew

October 16, 2013  (Day 228)

Another shot of the road crew by the Augustine Cutoff.

Wilmo 013

Day 224 – Broken Glass

October 12, 2013  (Day 224)

The more I think about my shoot down in this old warehouse, the more I wish I’d have broken out my flashes and done some cool lighting effects… either lighting [Read More]

Wilmo 068sm

Day 223 – Wrong SIde of Tracks

October 11, 2013  (Day 223)

I thought this shot had some interesting lines. Maybe it’s a bit confusing since there’re multiple vanishing points?

Wilmo 050sm

Day 222 – Steel Yard

October 10, 2013  (Day 222)

I thought this was a pretty artsy shot, through the fence and through some steel rods. Desaturated and a bit of dodging in the middle.


Day 221 – Steel Mill Fan

October 9, 2013  (Day 221)

This fan caught my attention, so I snagged about 7 shots of it, and animated them together.

Wilmo 023sm

Day 220 – More Wilmo Steel

October 8, 2013  (Day 220)

Totally trespassing for this shot. Again, lots of dodging and burning to get the focus points I wanted.