Christmas 1042

Day 298 – Grandmotherly Portrait

December 24, 2013  (Day 297)

I captured a portrait of my grandmother looking into a mirror we’d mounted to get a photo of the entire room as my parents looked in. That shot may not [Read More]

NYC 018sm

Day 288 – Hotel Wilcott

December 15, 2013  (Day 288)

I adore this shot of the inside Hotel Wilcott in NYC. The feuille (sp?) wallpaper, the contrast of the purple and green, the curiosity/insinuations of what is happening in the [Read More]

Atlanta 198sm

Day 276 – Reflections

December 3, 2013  (Day 276)

Rounder, Reyna and I were hiking through the Chattahoochee Natl Park on a trail and passed a small pool of water from a rain. I shot this with a flash [Read More]

macro3 017sm

Day 153 – Leaves in the Water

August 2, 2013  (Day 153)

More reflections/refractions in water droplets. So far this is the closest I’ve come to capturing a complete scene in a water droplet. You can see some leaves, buds, and the wire [Read More]

Atlanta 054

Day 151 – Infinite Selfies

July 31, 2013  (Day 151)

I thought this photo was fun… My iPhone camera and the reflection in the camera lens. The reflections go on and on…

Firefly 265

Day 116 – Firefly Reflections

June 26, 2013  (Day 116)

I’m quite obsessed with reflection photos. Maybe I need to expand my repertoire. But it was such a good setup when I saw Josh sitting there and Sara reflecting in [Read More]


Day 37 – Philly Magic Garden (9)

April 8, 2013  (Day 37)

(Yup, still in Venezuela) The final installment of my Magic Garden photos. While the first one (the bottles in the cement) is my visual favorite from the shoot, since this one [Read More]


Day 36 – Philly Magic Garden (8)

April 7, 2013  (Day 36)

(I should be in Merida, Venezuela in the Andes today collecting spectacular shots for you all to see) Another shot of my boots.


Day 35 – Philly Magic Garden (7)

April 6, 2013  (Day 35)

I’m pretty proud of the creativity in shooting my boots in the reflections. And this mosaic is pretty fun. The boots fit the pattern pretty well, like a big circular beer-belly [Read More]