Tori Night Swimming 025-stars_sm

Day 316 – ReProcess

January 11, 2014  (Day 315)

I got the idea to re-edit the photo of Tori with some backdrops of stars. I think it turned out pretty well.

Nudies 054sm

Day 312 – Eye Light, Eye Bright

January 7, 2014  (Day 311)

The first thing about this photo I love is the shadow line directly through the eye. Gives her quite a mysterious, mischievous feel. This photo had a little work done… eyes [Read More]

Nudies 127sm

Day 308 – Background Separation

January 3, 2014  (Day 307)

Another entry for my favorite photo of all time. Here I got into a lighting technique called separation. Making the subject pop out from the background. In light backgrounds, this means making [Read More]

Christmas 360sm

Day 307 – Bryan

January 2, 2014  (Day 306)

I have few of Bryan, and this is one of the better portraits I’ve ever taken.

Christmas 072sm

Day 300 – Ten Years Later

December 26, 2013  (Day 299)

In my mother’s dining room hangs senior portraits of all 5 of her children. Meredith was sitting at the dining room table as we chatted after another Christmas meal. From [Read More]

Christmas 314

Day 299 – All That Glitters

December 25, 2013  (Day 298)

Should I crop a little closer to her face? Maybe crop out the entire left side of the photo? I can’t decide. But I adore this shot of Tori blowing [Read More]