Day 241 – Photo Essay: Ireland

October 29, 2013  (Day 241)

Here’s the essay of my trip to Ireland with Mel, Joe, Sylvia, and Christy: Some of the photos are Mel’s, Sylvia’s, etc.


Day 225 – Mentor Walk Website

October 13, 2013  (Day 225)

Kashi’s Mentor Walk website posted photos from the 2013 event, and many of them were mine. It was a pretty cool deal to see so many of my shots on [Read More]


Day 186 – Photo Essay of EC

September 4, 2013  (Day 186)

Here’s the essay of my trip to EC: The photos don’t all work together as a photo-journalistic composition.. and that’s something I need to work on… [Read More]


Day 109 – First Photo Essay

June 19, 2013  (Day 109) Rather than post a photo today, I’m going to link to an entire photo essay, found at the above link. I tried to incorporate some photos that showed the experience, even [Read More]