Nudies 127sm

Day 308 – Background Separation

January 3, 2014  (Day 307)

Another entry for my favorite photo of all time. Here I got into a lighting technique called separation. Making the subject pop out from the background. In light backgrounds, this means making [Read More]

Christmas 1042

Day 298 – Grandmotherly Portrait

December 24, 2013  (Day 297)

I captured a portrait of my grandmother looking into a mirror we’d mounted to get a photo of the entire room as my parents looked in. That shot may not [Read More]

Christmas 156sm

Day 297 – Accurate

December 23, 2013  (Day 296)

Portrait of Dawn and Bryan’s family in the living that is, shall we say, accurate.

CantonXmas1 131sm

Day 296 – So Close

December 22, 2013  (Day 295)

We must’ve taken 30 photos of Noah laughing and hitting the balloons at me, and most were just a hair too late. The idea was to get him in the [Read More]

CantonXmas1 089sm

Day 295 – Q’s Birthday

December 22, 2013  (Day 295)

I had someone hold the flash behind Quentin’s head while I took this photo to illuminate him. I missed the blowing out of the candles (I lost focus when he [Read More]

CantonXmas1 075sm

Day 294 – Mmmmmmmm

December 21, 2013  (Day 294)

Not sure why Savannah had her face in her boot… but it made for a good photo….

NYC 018sm

Day 288 – Hotel Wilcott

December 15, 2013  (Day 288)

I adore this shot of the inside Hotel Wilcott in NYC. The feuille (sp?) wallpaper, the contrast of the purple and green, the curiosity/insinuations of what is happening in the [Read More]

BrandywineWinterSnow 144sm

Day 285 – Snow Bunny

December 12, 2013  (Day 285)

I simply love this shot of Steph. Very little was done except a very slight Lightroom Preset to bring up the blue’s in the snow and leave the mittens and [Read More]

ChristmasParty 079

Day 284 – All Play

December 11, 2013  (Day 284)

It’s not a fun Christmas portrait without everyone being masked together with the same ugly sweater. Not my best masking work, but it was a quickie jsut to post. Also below [Read More]