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Day 328 – DoF & Distance

January 23, 2014  (Day 327)

It’s taken this long for me to understand Depth of Field in a more in-depth way (pun intended) The bokeh effect is often strived for, and often (in my [Read More]

Mex and Dogs 029

Day 87 – Out of Focus

May 28, 2013  (Day 87)

More playing with an out-of focus subject (thus, is it really the subject?) and an in-focus foreground to change the feel of the photo. Instead of just a shot of Reyna, [Read More]

Mex and Dogs 166

Day 86 – Through the Fence

May 27, 2013  (Day 86)

Here are a couple I shot during the shoot in the backyard. I’m playing with an out-of-focus subject to tell a different story than just a shot of a dog. [Read More]