NewOrleans 4362

Day 320 – NOLA Exposed

January 15, 2014  (Day 319)

These looks like some kinda of amazingly creepy old-New Orleans ghost photo…

Flash Practice 138bw2

Day 272 – Tree Blending

November 29, 2013  (Day 272)

So I used some of the techniques I’ve learned from making double exposures to overlay the trees on yesterday’s photo to make an interesting shot. The white background is pretty [Read More]

CodysGraduationParty 055

Day 270 – Savannah Exposures

November 27, 2013  (Day 270)

I played with my favorite portrait of Savannah and added the second exposure using the Blending Modes in two photos that I love… Below is another. [Read More]

NOLA2 087-1

Day 269 – Blending Mode Exposures

November 26, 2013  (Day 269)

I re-edited two shots from Jazzfest with the attempt at combining exposures on the same shot. You can see below what I did… I rotated the girl with the camera a [Read More]

Fall Wilmo 144-12

Day 268 – Exposure Editing

November 25, 2013  (Day 268)

Another attempt. I don’t think it succeeds. But I’m getting a bit better. On this attempt, I used two photos instead of just one. I think it adds interest, but [Read More]

Fall Wilmo 090

Day 267 – More Multiple Exposures

November 24, 2013  (Day 267)

Another attempt… better. Still have to understand more about what makes this photo super interesting. But the technique has improved a bit…

Fall Wilmo 094

Day 266 – Multiple Exposures

November 23, 2013  (Day 266)

I’ve been trying playing with shots in which the same (or two or three) shots are merged much like you might see when exposing real film, the old fashioned way. [Read More]