Mex 131

Day 84 – I Cannot Choose

May 25, 2013  (Day 84)

I’d be willing to bet a really good photographer can glance at all the shots below (and the main one above) and say with definitively half-a-second later: that one. Or: [Read More]

Mex 084

Day 83 – Sunset over Mexico

May 24, 2013  (Day 83)

Chelsea and I grabbed my camera for a couple quick sunset shots on the second night in Cancun. At the time I took this shot, and even after the first review [Read More]

Mex3 244

Day 82 – What Could Have Been

May 23, 2013  (Day 82)

I’m so irritated. This photo could have been magic. I completely screwed it up. But.. I learned a very valuable lesson. Shallow depth of field makes for striking photos. But I have a [Read More]

Mex3 122

Day 81 – Iguana Flyover

May 22, 2013  (Day 81)

Sometimes amazing things happen that makes a shot come together. As I’m looking through the viewfinder to snap a shot of this this iguana, hanging over the ledge of this cliff [Read More]

Mex3 013

Day 80 – Look at that Water

May 21, 2013  (Day 80)

It’s not often I’m in locales where the ocean colors are so bold and vivid that the sky colors become dull by comparison. I liked this composition of this dock… it’s [Read More]

Mex3 021

Day 79 – Candid Camera

May 20, 2013  (Day 79)

I snapped this candid while on the boat to Isla Mujeres, and the fingernails of this woman along with what I’ve always considered a sexy pose of holding back hair [Read More]

Mex3 215

Day 78 – La Bicicleta

May 19, 2013  (Day 78)

Had I done a better job focusing this photo on the subject (the focus is clearly on the blue wall), I’d love it.

Mex3 175

Day 77 – I-Gwanna Sun Myself

May 18, 2013  (Day 77)

Goofy. But here’s a couple – of a ton of shots I took – of a few iguanas sunning themselves on the rocks on Punta Sud, Isla Mujeres. Some are [Read More]

Mex3 202

Day 76 – Easter Isla Mujeres?

May 17, 2013  (Day 76)

Isla Mujeres had a collection of sculptures around Punta Sur (South Point). I found this set of sculptures striking… reminds me of a group meditating or praying to the sea [Read More]

Mex3 025

Day 75 – Creeping Tom

May 16, 2013  (Day 75)

Yes, I took photos of random kids. Lock me up I loved the colors when I saw these two looking over the railing on this crowded ferry from [Read More]