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Day 295 – Q’s Birthday

December 22, 2013  (Day 295)

I had someone hold the flash behind Quentin’s head while I took this photo to illuminate him. I missed the blowing out of the candles (I lost focus when he [Read More]

Flash Practice 138sm

Day 271 – Ring Flash Emulation

November 28, 2013  (Day 271)

This is an interesting lighting technique in which I attempted to recreate a Ring Flash with 3 flashes that I had handy: 2 Speedlights and the onboard camera flash. By [Read More]

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Day 166 – Sly

August 15, 2013  (Day 166)

Sylvia did some posing late-night. I’ve a flash on her from atop my camera, and one from the top-left of the shot (I think Mel was holding it), which causes [Read More]

Flash Practice2 005s

Day 163 – Backlit Silhouette

August 12, 2013  (Day 163)

One large problem with wireless flashes is that the remote flash needs to “see” the camera body in order to fire. It detects a signal (light-based, infrared maybe?) from the [Read More]

Baltimore 0252small

Day 162 – Opportunity Missed

August 11, 2013  (Day 162)

I failed 4 times in one 5-minute shoot. We walked by this alley (below) while wandering through Baltimore, and I just knew that would be a good alley to try some [Read More]

Nate Flash 002processed

Day 158 – Multiple Flashes

August 7, 2013  (Day 158)

Strobist taught me a lighting technique so simple… yet so awesome… that I had to try to reproduce it. Basically, take any normal scene you’d shoot… drop the exposure a [Read More]

Flash Practice 023

Day 157 – Curtain Calls

August 6, 2013  (Day 157)

Let’s say you take a shot with a slow shutter speed and a flash… maybe 5 sec. When you press the shutter-release button on your camera or remote control, the shutter [Read More]

Nate Flash 062processed

Day 156 – Flashing

August 5, 2013  (Day 156)

Blegh shot of me and my three chins. New rule: don’t make people look down at you (look out). Oh well, I’m practicing flashing, not posing. So far, I’ve been scared [Read More]

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Day 146 – Macro Success

July 26, 2013  (Day 146)

This might be the best-executed photo I’ve taken to date. It rained, and I’m addicted to the reflection/refraction in raindrops. Finding that raindrop which reflects me and the scene (and getting [Read More]

Ohio 293

Day 144 – Bad Acting

July 24, 2013  (Day 144)

Abby was putting on the scared face, which was the right expression to jive with the harsh flash lighting.