CantonXmas1 131sm

Day 296 – So Close

December 22, 2013  (Day 295)

We must’ve taken 30 photos of Noah laughing and hitting the balloons at me, and most were just a hair too late. The idea was to get him in the [Read More]

Lighting 051

Day 265 – Flash Lighting

November 22, 2013  (Day 265)

I used a 1/250 shutter speed and 2-flash setup for this shot. There was a speedlight illuminating the background just behind the water, and an umbrella-diffused flash to the left [Read More]

Dogs 080

Day 215 – Motion Exposures (Warmup)

October 3, 2013  (Day 215)

Pups were uncooperative, but the idea was to show a solid final (right-most) image, with the multiple exposures behind it (to the left) to show action. [Read More]


Day 192 – Action Shot

September 10, 2013  (Day 192)

I used my dad’s Sony camera body with his 70-200mm f/2.8 lens to capture some action shots at Malvern’s game. It really only worked well in the first half, when [Read More]

EC9 094sm

Day 190 – Shake Shake Shake

September 8, 2013  (Day 190)

I threw Rounder in the pool. A few days prior, I took a few photos that didn’t come out too clearly, and was hard to see the spray. The settings [Read More]

Baltimore 201

Day 165 – Worshipping Kim

August 14, 2013  (Day 165)

Another shot at the Matt and Kim show that captures a different feel… Almost an angelic, worshipping feel, from the perspective of the spectator in awe. It would be a [Read More]

Baltimore 144

Day 164 – Concerto

August 13, 2013  (Day 164)

I love the spotlights. This photo’s not awesome, but it’s fun.

DelawarePark 034

Day 150 – Action with AI Servo

July 30, 2013  (Day 150)

A number of shots were taken at the Delaware Park races, and I cropped down one I liked into what you see. I cropped it with the horses coming into [Read More]

Ohio - Pool 175small

Day 145 – Arc d’ Hair Umph

July 25, 2013  (Day 145)

I’ve been told by my photography mentor that many beginning photographers oversaturate their photos. This photo is the smoking gun. That saturation slider (and in-camera Landscape mode) is too tempting. [Read More]

Tori Night Swimming 025

Day 140 – Wow

July 20, 2013  (Day 140)

I’m completely amazed that this shot came out as well as it did. I’ve a few others that came out similarly well, and I shall make them a series at [Read More]