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I’m Nathan.

Here’s why I’m doing this.

Over the past few years, for a hundred different reasons, my life has been refocused away from the rat race. My curiosities and obsessions have evolved away from streamlining SQL queries and increasing call capacity from 250 calls-per-second to 300cps, and a million other similar things. Instead, they’ve centered on life experiences, art, people, friends, and the simple beauties in the world.

Photography is the perfect application of that curiosity. It pushes me to try truly to¬†see things… the little things previously taken for granted. To be more observant and in touch with the world around me. To get out of my head. To explore! To see the beauty and peculiarities of every day occurrences. The reflections from mirrored surfaces. The dew on the cobwebs in the park. The juxtaposition of graffiti in affluent neighborhoods or the Benz in a slum.

Photography reminds me of poker. Ten minutes to learn. A lifetime to master. But it seems like the journey would be unbelievably enriching.

So I’m here to learn and experiment… fail at times… but improve and explore and play. To document my progress and my life over the next year… And hopefully, if I do it right, somewhere in my collective dalliances will be my personality and my story.

March 3, 2013