Day 48 – Perspective: Close-up

Another thing I’ve learned about composition of interesting photos which pull in the viewer, related to changing perspective, is the close-up.

Close-ups of people’s faces give the photo so much more emotion. Humans relate to emotion in a photo far more than action or scenery. Close-ups of the human face are far more touching and almost always give the photo an opportunity to be a strong photo.

Close-ups of objects or buildings are also often better than trying to fit the whole subject in the frame. Like the last 2 posts about perspective, filling the frame with a far-away shot of a building or object is the normal perspective, and thus not as interesting. The new, different, compelling perspective might be the close-up. Close-ups add mystery (I wonder what the rest of the building looks like?). They add details you can’t see from far away (and thus more real and more interesting)… details you can almost touch. Amateur photographers too often try to fit the whole building (or in this case the whole car) in the photo, and often lose something in the translation.

I’m not saying this is the strongest photo ever, but compared to the other photos I shot of this muscle car, this was BY FAR the most interesting. I think that’s due to the fact that it’s close-up and reveals interesting details in the hood of the car.