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Day 303 – Birthday

December 29, 2013  (Day 302)

Since the 29th is my birthday, I figured we’d post one more self-portrait.

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Day 300 – Ten Years Later

December 26, 2013  (Day 299)

In my mother’s dining room hangs senior portraits of all 5 of her children. Meredith was sitting at the dining room table as we chatted after another Christmas meal. From [Read More]

Christmas 314

Day 299 – All That Glitters

December 25, 2013  (Day 298)

Should I crop a little closer to her face? Maybe crop out the entire left side of the photo? I can’t decide. But I adore this shot of Tori blowing [Read More]

Christmas 1042

Day 298 – Grandmotherly Portrait

December 24, 2013  (Day 297)

I captured a portrait of my grandmother looking into a mirror we’d mounted to get a photo of the entire room as my parents looked in. That shot may not [Read More]

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Day 297 – Accurate

December 23, 2013  (Day 296)

Portrait of Dawn and Bryan’s family in the living that is, shall we say, accurate.

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Day 296 – So Close

December 22, 2013  (Day 295)

We must’ve taken 30 photos of Noah laughing and hitting the balloons at me, and most were just a hair too late. The idea was to get him in the [Read More]