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Day 90 – More Wide Angle Portraits

May 31, 2013  (Day 90)

Another perfect opportunity for a fill-flash wasted. But the wide-angle aspect gives this photo much more umph than my 50mm fixed would have.

Dogs2 007small2

Day 89 – Wide Angle Portraits

May 30, 2013  (Day 89)

Wide angle lenses take such interesting portraits… because of the way the lens works, there is light-bending the further you get from the center, so it can really focus the [Read More]


Day 88 – Close Up Attempt

May 29, 2013  (Day 88)

So I attempted a close-up of a friend’s eye… the hair was an accident, but I loved it… Though it was clearly too much hair and hid the eye, and [Read More]

Mex and Dogs 029

Day 87 – Out of Focus

May 28, 2013  (Day 87)

More playing with an out-of focus subject (thus, is it really the subject?) and an in-focus foreground to change the feel of the photo. Instead of just a shot of Reyna, [Read More]

Mex and Dogs 166

Day 86 – Through the Fence

May 27, 2013  (Day 86)

Here are a couple I shot during the shoot in the backyard. I’m playing with an out-of-focus subject to tell a different story than just a shot of a dog. [Read More]

Mex and Dogs 076

Day 85 – Backyard shoot (1)

May 26, 2013  (Day 85)

Reyna, Rounder and I spent some time in the backyard today taking some shots. The next couple days should show some of those shots. This one caused me some grief. I [Read More]

Mex 131

Day 84 – I Cannot Choose

May 25, 2013  (Day 84)

I’d be willing to bet a really good photographer can glance at all the shots below (and the main one above) and say with definitively half-a-second later: that one. Or: [Read More]

Mex 084

Day 83 – Sunset over Mexico

May 24, 2013  (Day 83)

Chelsea and I grabbed my camera for a couple quick sunset shots on the second night in Cancun. At the time I took this shot, and even after the first review [Read More]

Mex3 244

Day 82 – What Could Have Been

May 23, 2013  (Day 82)

I’m so irritated. This photo could have been magic. I completely screwed it up. But.. I learned a very valuable lesson. Shallow depth of field makes for striking photos. But I have a [Read More]

Mex3 122

Day 81 – Iguana Flyover

May 22, 2013  (Day 81)

Sometimes amazing things happen that makes a shot come together. As I’m looking through the viewfinder to snap a shot of this this iguana, hanging over the ledge of this cliff [Read More]