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Day 57 – Gospel Tent

April 28, 2013  (Day 57)

Pretty proud of this guy. Wish it showed more emotion. But pretty proud nonetheless.

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Day 56 – Moving People with Music

April 27, 2013  (Day 56)

There are days when I wish I didn’t start this endeavor because it can be a ton of work. Then there are days like today. I’m so glad I’m doing this. [Read More]

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Day 55 – JazzFest (1)

April 26, 2013  (Day 55)

Low light shot of Kermit Ruffins at a show at Gem Saloon after Jazzfest (4/26, but posted a little late). Lots of shots were taken. Many were blurry because of the [Read More]

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Day 54 – More Ohio Skies

April 25, 2013  (Day 54)

This photo would be MAGIC if the sky were clear… the hazy clouds on the horizon prevent a gorgeous meeting of the blue and green. I have no doubt I [Read More]

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Day 53 – Ohio Skies

April 24, 2013  (Day 53)

Back home, with the rolling hills and the open farmland, there are so many places where the scene presented to the viewer is the gorgeous green smacking the blue sky. [Read More]


Day 52 – Perspective (Voyeur)

April 23, 2013  (Day 52)

While not a good photo at all (blurry scene, underexposed foreground), this photo does have lesson here that I want to capture. That is, a photo can be more appealing [Read More]