Day 29 – Philly Magic Garden (4)

March 31, 2013  (Day 29)

I have so many photos from the Magic Garden that I’m proud of. The place has such an abundance of excellent opportunities for shots that even the worst photographer would [Read More]


Day 28 – Philly Magic Garden (3)

March 30, 2013  (Day 28)

More good looks at some of the materials that make up the Magic Garden walls. Neither of these are the super strongest images, since the subject doesn’t pop in either of [Read More]


Day 27 – Philly Magic Garden (2)

March 29, 2013  (Day 27)

Much of the Magic Garden area between two buildings is covered with bottles, glass, pottery, and a thousand other common things which were no longer useful to someone. This is a [Read More]


Day 26 – Philly Magic Garden (1)

March 28, 2013  (Day 26)

I’m going to start a series of posts from a trip I took to Philly’s Magic Garden on 10th and South St ( It started (in the 60s?) with some [Read More]


Day 25 – Sloppy Equality Flags

March 27, 2013  (Day 25)

I’m no graphic artist, so don’t judge Jogging produced another interesting sight… an entire block in Wilmington which had flags out. But in the spirit of the Equality flag [Read More]


Day 24 – Delaware Spring

March 26, 2013  (Day 24)

I’m publish this a day early since I couldn’t help myself. I saw this little wildflower sprouting along a trail when I was jogging yesterday. Well today it snowed, and I [Read More]


Day 23 – Orchard Fail

March 25, 2013  (Day 23)

So here’s an orchard that I pass on my way to AC, that I felt compelled to stop and shoot. The failure came in my desire to try to repeat Day [Read More]


Day 22 – Editing Atlanta

March 24, 2013  (Day 22)

I had taken a couple of photos of Atlanta on my last trip (roughly 30 days ago) with my iPhone (more props to my iPhone camera, especially shots in sunlight)… [Read More]


Day 21 – My Favorite

March 23, 2013  (Day 21)

I was saving this one from the shoot with Shawna for last (maybe second to last). It’s the one that does indeed have the most emotion in it, and easily [Read More]


Day 20 – Same Shoot

March 22, 2013  (Day 20)

Another one from the shoot. It could be better… I love the background… but it’s not terrible. It’s definitely better than it would have been on Day 1, but I’ve still [Read More]